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Post by Admin on Wed May 13, 2015 4:32 pm

Wondered why everything felt better when you woke up this morning, well now it can be revealed that the reason for this "upturn" in your emotional state is that the band "World Party" have arrived in the USA........From their luxurious headquarters north of NYC, the band are now making final preparations for their first show on the 2015 US tour......Scientists, artists, philosophers and retailers have gathered to welcome the "boys" and to get a first look at the condition of the module after its re-entry into Earth's atmosphere after its return from "somewhere else".
"Going green and ony being able to breathe carbon dioxide have been the strangest side effects of the last trip to Somewhere Else"
remarked Karl Ealinger as he stepped off the aircraft carrier and fell 60 feet into the crowd of wellwishers and creditors who had gathered at the dockside to welcome the very mildly famous entertainers.
"But" he continued, "I will not rest until we have entertained all ten of you".......and with that the band were taken into custody to await trial for a string of minor misdemeanours.
(Ed. sorry about that was just meant to be a short announcement that the band have arrived and were ready for the shows


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